About us

Chuluota Saw & Mower was established in 2003. We started as a mobile mower repair service. First, going door to door with door knob hangers for advertisement. Then, a short time later, we paid for a mailing list to send postcards and flyers out to mailboxes. Things were slow but steady. I worked a second job running equipment clearing land. In 2006 we opened the store on 7th street at Chuluota grocer building. At the store we stayed very busy fixing lawn and garden equipment. Due to the size of our little store, we kept the mobile service, for the riding mowers in the local area. I would go out in the mornings fixing riders at customers’ homes from about 8 am to 1 pm. Then go to the store for lunch and finish the day by helping out at the store.

We worked with the mobile and storefront for 13 years. The business was growing. It was becoming obvious that we could use more help and a bigger storefront. The idea of the business getting bigger was exciting. We started looking for a new location and thinking about carrying a full line of new mowers and equipment. As we researched the different possibilities, we quickly discovered that a bigger building and more people were very expensive.

We became concerned that the ‘something special’ with our small business would be lost. The down-to-earth honest and personable service that we had would get lost in the everyday madness of paying rent, insurance, and taxes. Insurance and taxes are bills that never go away, these only increase in size. The money spent on taxes and insurance do very little to help fix a mower. They are rules and regulations where the expense is passed on to the customer.

As a small business owner, you collect the money and send it to corporations you never see and really do not help. We decided that at this particular time of our lives this course of action was not for us. Chuluota Saw & Mower decided to keep it small and simple. We closed the storefront and returned to the mobile service, streamlining the business repairing riding mowers in the local area.

Today at Chuluota Saw & Mower we have a simple attitude. We need work to pay bills and if repairing your mower helps you and just maybe, puts a smile on your face, then it puts a smile on our face as well! Somewhere at the end of the day maybe life can be somewhat simple.

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